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Dia de Santiago Apostol 2021


July 25th is the Feast of St, James, and it means masses, fireworks and celebrations in Santiago, but with many changes due to Covid, Though numbers of pilgrims have returned – care is still needed, and changes occur all the time to condition, curfews and rising cases of covid. But even if many of you could not walk the Camino – readers didn’t stop reading – congratulations for believing that a book could be your best escape while staying safe at home. The camino, the trails, and the mountains are not going anywhere, but we humans are fragile, and I would love to be able to hike safely again, and meet you on the way.

If you are in lockdown, there’s nothing better than a book to help you escape. And for the feast of St. James, five of us are offering our books for free or 99c, read one or all!

What is new with me, is that you can now work with me to write your own non-fiction book.



Escape into an Adventure Book

For Hikers, Adventurers or Stay at Home Dreamers, select the book you want

The Camino Ingles 2020
Himalayan Hike
The Camino Ingles

The Valley of Flowers: The Ultimate Guide to an Adventure Trek in the Upper Himalaya

Chasing Himalayan Dreams: A Trek in the shadow of Kanchenjunga and Everest

The Camino Ingles: 6 Days (or less) to Santiago

Whether you have the book or not – download your complimentary safe hiking notes below.




Hello, Hola, Namaste

It’s Susan here. Thrilled to meet you.

As a writer, I feel close to the hikers who read my books, and follow the trails, so my books get updated regularly. This month, with information on how walking the Camino has changed in the new normal, or as they say in Spain, la nueva normalidad. Last month, I updated my latest book barely a month after release, with hike safety suggestions for the Himalayas.

Adventures that anyone can do are my passion. I love challenges – especially busting myths and records and my own fears. And this year we have all faced challenges of a different kind. What are yours?

Join the tribe to stay in touch, learn about new adventures, or just to say hello. You can usually find me in on various social media, that is when I am not writing another book. Or you can connect with me directly.



Readers like You Say

Being from Galicia myself, I was struck by how authentic Susan’s book is.

It helped me walk this route, and I especially like that Susan encourages pilgrims to learn a little Spanish to enjoy the Camino more.
Maria Seco, Spanish for the Camino

A comprehensive guide

To this centuries old, lesser known route, it takes you from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela. For those people unable to garner the month often needed for the Camino Frances, or those not sure of their physical capability, the Camino Ingles is a brilliant answer.

K.Eliot, Adventurer and Camino Hiker

The joy of an adventure like this

She’s created the blueprint for the reader to have their own adventure by documenting everything from the logistics, to the sensory experiences of this travel journey.  Let Susan’s insight, joy, and expertise guide you!

Sandy P

Susan Jagannath’s book is the ideal companion.

I liked the way she began each chapter with an apt quotation. Essential reading for the prospective pilgrim!

Sanjiva, Professor and Adventurer

I want to walk these trails

Susan’s adventures are so authentic, they leave me longing to go. It’s so good to read of this adventure, you feel as if you were there with her, a great escape for these times when many of us cannot travel to far off, or even near destinations.

RK Dugar, Entrepreneur and Environmental Activist.

Where myth and geography meet

Both a practical guide and dream guide for armchair travelers, Susan Jagannath’s account of 4 Indian women following in the footsteps of British mountaineer Frank Smythe is at once entertaining and inspirational. I loved her inside look at trekking and pilgrimage, chai stops, pilgrim huts and intimate reflections.

Daian H.

Full of practical hints and detailed information, delivered with a lightness of touch that draws the reader in. Barriers, obstacles are lowered. The reader reassured, encouraged that this route is both achievable and immensely rewarding. To walk any Camino route changes one, bringing treasured memories. So, thank you, Susan, for bringing information on the beauty of this route to so many of us.

Roy Uprichard



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