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The 2-Day Live Immersion Experience lets you walk away with everything You Need to Go From No-Idea to your own Business Bestseller Blueprint in a Post Pandemic World. It’s time to shake the dust of the pandemic off our feet and stride ahead into a whole new reality, your business bestseller in hand.

Because nothing is the same in a post-pandemic world. You need a method and a system created in these new times. Not some old hat methods from people who published when the internet was young and bookstores were the only place to find books – bookstores are gone and online is now commonplace.

Join me Live from December 29th to 30th, 2021.

Here’s the Offer

We will get your bestseller out of your head with clear, fluff-free targeted sessions over 2 days, working together using my simple up to date system to create your bestseller from scratch to fully laid out blueprint. It’s fast, fun and flexible.

  • #SESSION ONE – Your Book Idea, your PPP – aka your ideal reader, their pain and your book’s promise in a post pandemic world. 
  • #SESSION TWO – Set your author identity right – so people will stampede to BUY your book
  • #SESSION THREE – Get Your Pricing, Positioning and Platform right
  • #SESSION FOUR – Your Team Strategy – how to create buzz and hype before you publish
  • #SESSION FIVE – Name and No-Shame – how to get an unignorable title and cover
  • #SESSION SIX – Launch Calendar (so you can plan out everything in less than an hour)
  • #SUPERSESSION SEVEN – Get a headstart on your content – Structure, framework and chapter outline using the provided templates

    Here are the Bonuses

Early Bird – Your ticket gives you access to 2 full days of learning, masterminding & creation


  • + free access to the online course so that you can use the system again and again for your next book or series
  • + One hour of One on One coaching with me, where we go over your plan in minute detail. I may not be JK Rowling or Robert Kiyosaki, but I am a three times bestselling author on Amazon.

Show up with an idea & a notebook and walk away with your own Business Bestseller Book ready to go.


$500 Only

I won’t waste your time trying to say its $499! This is a one time early bird price.
Includes a one on one call to review your bestseller canvas after the event AND
Access to the premium paid course for free.


Here’s what real people say about the Business Bestseller Canvas.

I wasn’t sure about whether I could write a book. But now I am inspired by how doable it is using Susan’s methods. The course shifted my thinking about how a 100 page book can make a difference to my customers. I can see how it will support my startup that helps women set up viable businesses in post pandemic times.

Anju Agast-Srivats

I loved Susan Jagannath’s online Business Bestseller Canvas Bootcamp. We were encouraged to ‘Write to the Plan,’ which was great for someone like me who meanders down side roads and takes far too long to complete a manuscript. The Bootcamp was inspirational, engaging, and fun.  Don’t miss the next one.

Roy Uprichard

Simply perfect results. For 5 years I struggled with the complexities of my book. I wasn’t sure about Susan’s course, then I was incredibly surprised how I was able to plan my book within days, and actually begin writing immediately. My book is now succinct, complete and compelling. Thanks Susan for sharing your “secret weapon”.

Drew Niemeyer


$500 Only

I won’t waste your time trying to say its $499! This is a one time early bird price.
Includes a one on one call to review your bestseller canvas after the event AND
Access to the premium paid course for free.

Susan Jagannath

Who Am I and Why Should you Write with Me?

Hey, I’m Susan, three times Amazon bestselling author, book coach and adventurer – I had to stay home this year, because you know.. that made me decide to help you get to bestseller, rather than wandering off and writing more of my bestsellers.

This live event is based on my experience writing, publishing and marketing my own books, in 2020, and talking to readers and authors worldwide – publishing and writing books have boomed ahead as more people search for books to read, inspire themselves, or start businesses or pivot their business, and they want to hear, not from gurus in the stratosphere, but from real people like you and me.

The personalized strategies you will get here are based on my own real-time-relevant-right-now experience and are things that all writers need to write a business bestseller that serves their readers in a post-corona world.

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