NOTE: Who would imagine that 5 years have gone since I walked this route on this exact day – that is a SURPRISE!

Day Three on the Camino Ingles was all about surprises – good surprises like churros and castles. The climb out of Pontedeume was not a good surprise, but there was a reward at the end, the little village of Mino, nestled on the mountain with views to the sea, and a railway line vanishing into the distance. On day three, we climbed over the next headland from Pontedeume, and down again all the way to Betanzos, through farmland and forest, and at Mino we turned inland towards Betanzos.  This day was sunny and warm, just the type of day to life your spirits after previous damp and soggy day.

Camino Ingles

Viewing Platform in Mino


The next time I walk the Ingles, Mino is definitely going to be the night halt for me. Apart from the blindingly beautiful views, the chocolate and churros in the cafes was to die for. I could scarcely believe how good it was. The churros perfect light and melt in the mouth, and the chocolate thick and smooth like molten earth. not sweet,not runny and not a quagmire either. The look on my face is a mixture of stunned joy!!!

Camino Ingles

Chocolate and churros

About the castle

Why is there a little castle in the picture? Why not? Someone built themselves a little castle in the middle of the forest that we walked by, it was gorgeous, and another surprise, so while there was great architecture, beautiful scenery and soaring churches on Day three, thisis what I loved about Day Three. After Mino, we walked parallel to the coast, before turning inland after crossing the river, and heading into lush green forests filled with birdsong and trickling streams. Fortunately there was no rain!  While it was a steady climb until about 10 kms from Betanzos, it was not as steep as the climb out of Pntedeume, and this time, we stopped whenever we could for cafe con leche,

Alas, today was also the day that my backpack split, and I had to use the trusty old nappy pins to secure it, and prevent further tearing.

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