I’m back where it all started for us. This is Toohey forest where I trained for all my walks, for the Camino Walk in 2016 and for our 2017 Himalayan trek. Today is the 27th and it’s exactly two months since we finished the last of our walks  in the Himalayas.

My 2017 Himalayan trek was to Sandakphu in the Eastern Himalayas,  but we continued our Himalayan sojourn in Mussorie finishing with our last walk on the 27th December. What have I been doing for two months? Why have I not been walking could be a very good question –  I would say that one month was recovery and traveling, and for one month I’ve been writing my book.

The third draft is ready and I’ve sent it to my accountability buddy, and of course she says it’s amazing. But she’s nice that way. No doubt she will soon find all the mistakes in it. Meanwhile because I’ve had time to focus and start back on my fitness trail.  Today I’m back walking in Toohey Forest. It’s been raining over here, so we’ve got creeks, and lakes that are no longer dry! Even this path has turned into a creek. This is an appropriate time for me to come back to my beginnings or endings as this is where it started.

“The end of exploring is to arrive at the same place where we started and know it for the first time.”

That is TS Eliot, not me, I wish I had written that. This is ‘my’ forest and this is where I’m ending and beginning again. Walking is an extraordinarily important part of the creative journey.  When you walk,  you slow down and your thinking clears.

My focus for the next month is to get my book ready. I’d love you to join my street team to help me launch my book. Consider joining, so you can follow my journey to a best seller. I hope that you’ll join my group and keep me accountable help me to publish my book. Walk with me, friend.

Thanks for being part of my Himalayan journey. 

Join me! as I get on with writing my book!

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