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The Camino Ingles - 6 Days to Santiago


The international bestseller that inspired many people who thought they were too old, too young, or not fit enough for an adventure.

A shorter Camino in Spain, it follows a thousand year old pilgrimage trail.

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They changed the route of the Camino Ingles, and many readers wrote to me about it. 

I went, I walked, I wrote. I’m about to launch the next edition – and you can join the fun by being part of the launch team.

Chasing Himalayan Dreams


The international bestseller on a 6 day adventure in the Indian Himalaya, trekking to Sandakphu to revel in the best views of Kanchenjunga and the Sleeping Buddha.

 Everest is over the top – walk this doable trail instead.

HI! I’m susan

Bestselling Author, Adventurer and Pilgrim. I am passionate about having adventures, and helping people have their own adventures. After a lifetime in IT, I decided to follow my passion, travel, have adventures and write books about them. For most of my working life I was a technical writer, information architect and content manager and responsible for reams of technical documentation, online help and tutorials. But now I am a full-time author and publisher.

Although no one has yet written the definitive manual on living life fully, I’m doing my best – I have adventures, re-invent my life, and write the “manuals”  to help you either escape for a few hours, or plan your own adventure. I love hiking, camping, and kayaking, though those take second place to my passion for books. I read over a hundred books a year in all genres, I wish I could write that fast – but with two bestsellers in the last three years, while I was working full time, I’m on the way there.

I love to hear from readers of my book, and actually have met some of them on my walks!  I publish my books on Amazon, and love it when readers jump on board to help me launch a book. You can too – I’d love to meet you. 

P.S. For a quick look at my formal photo you can check out my Authorpage on Amazon. But I like this photo, because, it’s real.

What Readers Say

 So what do you do if you are a woman who just celebrated her 60th birthday and has carried this dream
You go do what Susan Jagannath did, you climb the mountain NOW!

Hema Shah


Most Readable…. Informative….. Realistic…… Motivating…..Funny….. and most of all,  after reading this book. I sure want to 🙂

Rajkumar Dugar

IT Entrepreneur and Eco Activist

 Thank you Susan for yet another spectacular adventure….my list of potential trails to conquer is growing, thanks to your brilliantly crafted words.

Katherine Elliot

Hiker and Author

Walking the Talk

How do you Fulfil a Dream as big as Kanchenjunga?

How do you Fulfil a Dream as big as Kanchenjunga?

The Himalayas sweep down from the west of India, starting in Afghanistan, and come down in this amazing arc over the north of India. They finally peter out over the top of Burma and into the western part of China. So literally, when you’re standing there, you can see four countries.
While it sounds beautiful, it’s also a trip that requires planning. It’s not the kind of thing you can be spontaneous about because you need a local guide. On that note, what are the logistics of the trip? How do you organise it? What’s it like, and what do you see?

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The Holy Year of 2022 ends on Dec 31st and the Door of Mercy closes

The Holy Year of 2022 ends on Dec 31st and the Door of Mercy closes

The Door of Mercy is a door to the Catedral de Santiago de Compostela that is only open in a Holy Year, In Santiago, a Holy year is when the Saint’s Feastday, July 25th, falls on a Sunday. That happened in 2021, however for obvious reasons, the Pope declared that it would remain open for another year to enable pilgrims to come to Santiago and walk through the door.

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How to be a Pilgrim on The Camino (and at Home)

How to be a Pilgrim on The Camino (and at Home)

How to be a Pilgrim on the Camino (and at Home)

The Eight + 1 Things you Need to Know to Feed your Pilgrim Soul

What makes a successful pilgrimage isn’t distance traveled but commitment to the journey itself, and you can do this with me, whether you are walking on the Way or at home.

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