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Yes, you can have an adventure!

Do you have huge dreams that you’ve been told are impossible? And time is running out? As full time mother, career woman and adventurer, I help hundreds of people have adventures they never thought they could have. Do you want to hike the Himalayas? But you’re not a climber or a mountaineer, just someone who wants to view the magnificent peaks and ranges?

In this book, I take on my teenage dream of hiking an iconic Himalayan trail, and showing you how it can be done with moderate fitness and a little time.

What the book helps you to achieve

This book shares my personal experiences of how I

  • Prepared mind, body and feet to enjoy the long walk
  • Packed to travel light
  • Planned  travel and arrival in India in with optimal times
  • Dealt with fatigue, doubt and unexpected problems

Follow my trail to join me on the iconic Sandakphu trek!

What readers say about the book

Thoroughly enjoyable read

“What I like the most about this read, was the vivid description of the trek. What I like the least is that I don’t feel like I have to go anymore!  The author’s vivid description made me feel as if I were in her backpack looking over her shoulder. It is an awesome trek and I cannot imagine whom I’d rather go with than Susan Jagannath who finally fulfilled a long-held dream. I don’t dream about mountain climbing and that’s maybe why I found this book such a treat. I was able to go along without enduring all the hardships. Thank you, Susan, for this thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommend for all dream chasers and mountaineers.” Amazon Customer

Beautifully written and inspiring!!!!

“From the Bestselling Author of The Camino Ingles: 6 Days (or less) to Santiago, comes yet another delightful, insightful and information packed travel experience of a lifetime. And another 6-day trek to boot!! The author is a genius at weaving together beautiful imagery, lyrical language, indispensable tips and most of important – encouragement. This author is a living testament to recalling the dreams you conjured in an earlier time and seeing them come to fruition. Ms. Jagannath is a role model for timeless and ageless beauty, bliss, and backbone.” SSL – Amazon Customer


Follow your dream

It’s more about chasing this dream but an inspiring story as to why our dreams should not be forgotten either. The author in this book says that she put her dream of going on this trek on hold because of everyday life expectations such as marriage, child rearing and so forth. However, once she finally had a moment to herself the dream of hiking the Himalayas resurfaced. What I found to be the most intriguing part is that this is a journal of her experience. She didn’t continue to dream about doing it but she went ahead and did it. Foxglove1028

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