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Not yet on my trek but I’m having many adventures. I thought I would do a livestream for you from Bangalore just in case you are missing seeing all my hot and sweaty videos of climbing up Mt Gravatt and in training for our Himalayan  treks. I’m coming to you from Bangalore and I’m thinking of times of what is the true nature of home and what is adventure.

With monotonous regularity this always happens –  on the drive from the airport into Bangalore I shudder at what has happened to my city, and think I can never live here again and within a couple of days when I have met my friends and I’m in their homes I’m thinking it’s exactly the same and this is home and I feel   at peace and   happy here.

It’s not that I don’t miss my family and I don’t miss my friends in Australia but this is home and you have to recognize that there is always one place which is home for you and  sometimes that place may be not the place where you are now   this is home and I just love Bangalore I’ve met a lot of my friends I am hoping to meet more of my friends   if you are in Bangalore and if you have been ignoring me you need to get in touch with me and come and see me I’m just here for another couple of days.

This is home and   it is the exact correct place to start my next adventure which is the Himalayan Trek at I will be starting on Monday 4th Nov when we will be flying out from Bangalore to Bagdogra to start the trek   what I had promised you that we would continue I would continue keeping you updated with what’s happening

what’s been happening is that after I have been eating  on a very strict regime to get fit and get healthy for the trek in these few days in Bangalore I feel undone- I have been indulging because this is what extraordinary good food. Yesterday we went to a place which is excellently gloriously called Chutney Chang where we had this all-you-can-eat buffet and let me tell you a chutney trying all-you-can-eat buffet really is all you can eat you can eat Indian Chinese Indian Chinese, a whole lot of grilled food,there was even a chat bar

Before that I met a lot of friends and we’ve got a whole lot of plans to do but what really touched me and surprised me was that every friend said Susan you have to come back and you have to live in Bangalore because this is home and it’s just not the same without you.

I’m tempted what do you think I should do should I check up my life in Australia and just come back and live in Bangalore?

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