Congratulations, you’re the one percent who actually took the step to try and write your book in 2021, and today’s your lucky day because of all the people in the world you reached over here.

Of the 90 percent of people in the world who want to write a book, 10 percent of them actually do something about it and one percent actually publish. But I have to tell you the truth, most of them fail, most of them fail to go to bestseller because they lack that one ingredient.

They do not know that there are secrets to writing a manuscript for a book to go  bestseller.

And one of the most important things is to do it fast, and to do it with guidance, and to understand what the market wants.

So click the button to work with me. I’ve done it three times before and you can actually work with me. I’m Susan Jagannath. I’m a bestselling international author. I am not Bernard Cornwell or Margaret Atwood, who you could never get coach you personally. But you can work with me.

I look forward to breaking the drought of excellent books which fail to go bestseller, so go on and click the button and let’s start working together to get that bestselling book of yours out into the world as fast as possible.

Chasing Himalayan Dreams - The Book Launch Team

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