Plan your Adventure

Plan it in detail

Fitness for adventure depends on the adventure itself. Pick an adventure that is do-able and well supported, and that you can train for in 6-12 months. Writing down a plan and having checklists and dates, makes it a reality. Use the planner that I wish I had when I started planning my adventure.

Pick your level

Before you start any training, check with your doctor. If you are considering a long trek or climb, also check your feet health. A visit to the podiatrist and good footwear is absolutely essential before you start training to prevent injury to your most important asset – your feet!

Plan for Success

Pick your Adventure

Pick an adventure suited to YOU. You can improve your fitness, but your personality is more important. If you are a social person, a climb up a remote mountain may be a success, but you may not like the isolation. Your fitness matters, if are a couch potato, a Camino where you just put one foot in front of the other is eminently possible. Pick your battles to win the war!


Plan your travel to maximise your time on the ground at your destination. The best way to get to your kick off point may not be the shortest way. Make sure that you have all your travel requirements like visas or travel permits for remote places


A little preparation for your health will go a long way on an adventure. Apart from mandatory vaccinations, check with your doctor, and carry any medication you may need for chronic conditions. Get a plan to deal with any situations, and get travel insurance.


Safety matters all the time. Follow local advice on safety and do not venture into dangerous spots. Know the police and emergency numbers to call and enter them on your phone. Be sure to upload digital copies of your documents to the Cloud, and tell someone where you are going!

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