Transcript: This is a drowned rat coming to you from Mount Gravatt where we are experiencing the Darjeeling weather for our Himalayan trek. We’ve come here for our walk as usual in the morning after the rain stopped but we’ve been caught again in really pretty heavy downpour so we are unable to finish and go up the mountain. We’ve kind of scurried down the mountain and we are in Gertude Petty place. I just thought I’d show you the weather which you are having during training.

But this is what it takes when you’re training for the Himalayas. You have to train every day. Unfortunately we were not prepared today. We didn’t bring our Poncho’s or raingear and which is why you see that all the moisture on my face is not the usual sweat it’s actually just rainwater pouring down.

This is part of my readiness for our Himalayan walk so we are off to the Himalayas in less than 10 days. I cannot say how excited I am about that we’ve upped the training a bit because we want to train a bit more rigorously so we’ve been looking for all the hard parts anywhere near us.

We’re going up and down the mountains and that’s been really good but today we’ve been stymied by the rain.

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