8th August 2019 – An excerpt from the book

Secrets that you discover when sauntering -when you need a holiday within a holiday – battling with a altitude sickness I decide to stay back in Ghangaria, and wander all around the village, discovering exciting things from the edges of the adventure.

I created the audio using “Polly”, an AI tool from Amazon. Let me know if you like  the voice. This one is created directly from Amazon’s AWS service. I find it has become much smarter over the months.

No – it’s not my voice!

For my animal lover friends – here are the photos from the video.

Secrets Sauntering

Is this Yudhistras dog?

Yudhistra’s Dog

And the mules

Secrets Sauntering

Mules waiting for their loads

Pack Animals

This is short post, just to enjoy the video, and perhaps pick up the book.

If you have not got the book as yet, you can download it here.

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