Transcript: Why do I call this Darjeeling weather?

Because it used to be like this in Darjeeling all year-round except from about October to December when the monsoons were over and it became a bit cooler and so you you did not have the clouds boiling up over the Indian Plains and getting the Himalayas.

We are hoping for at least one clear day, the day when we hit Sandakphu. Because it is from Sandakphu that you see the Seven Sisters of the Himalayas or seven of the highest peaks in the world. You can see Kanchenjunga and nanga parbat,  k2 and you also see Everest as a little little tiny peak.  This sight is also called the sleeping buddha because the peaks pan out across the horizon and it looks as if it’s a a man or the Buddha sleeping across the mountains.

If there’s been good snowfall you can see the shape of the sleeping buddha or the Seven Sisters so that is what we are headed to ! What is your goal and what is your dream?
People look at me strangely when I say I wanted to walk this Trek so that I can look at Kanchenjunga with absolutely nothing between us. You can also see kanchenjunga from Sikkim and you can see it from Darjeeling itself, but this is where you are really up close and personal. I’m not doing I’m not doing a mountaineering Everest kind of Trek.

Join me!

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