The intrepid owner of Cafe Buransh in Sari village gives this account of reaching Sari Village from Kerala in August. This makes a succinct how-to of all the requirements to travel to Uttarakhand from within India.However, requirements change all the time, so please check before you plan to go.

How to get from Kerala to Uttarakhand

Here are the details as recounted by Rajani Muralidharan.

1) Get an RTPCR test done 72 hours before my arrival date. I took the flight from Kochi via Bangalore to Dehradun on 10th Aug.

2) The lab emailed me the test results (negative) in 24 hours.

3) I then applied for the epass –
The epass requires you to upload documents depending on the purpose of your travel. Because I was traveling back to my property in Sari village, Rudraprayag I chose the ‘Work’ option.

Docs uploaded:

  • 1) Negative Test result
  • 2) ID (copy of Aadhar)
  • 3) Letter of authorization from my company confirming my need to travel for work.

4) Although, I was visiting my own property I made a self reservation for 21 days. I wasn’t asked to show this doc at any checkpoints, probably cause I was traveling for work.

Note: For tourists, a confirmed reservation is a must before you start your travel.

4) I got a call from the Covid helpdesk the same day I applied for the epass, to verify my information. They also asked whether I was experiencing any fever/flu related symptoms.

5) The airport checks were quite straightforward. Contactless scanning of boarding pass and showing your IDs. Bags disinfected. Social Distancing seatings, head shields and masks etc.

6) As I had landed in Bangalore( from Kerala) I was asked to show my epass before boarding my connection flight to Dehradun, from Bangalore.

7) Upon landing at Jolly Grant Airport in Dehra Dun, we were asked to fill in a form. Personal info, address of destination etc.

8) The counters were set outside the airport, divided district wise. The ones going to Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun were required to take a swab test right there. I cannot comment on whether they are required to quarantine – Institutional or home.

9) My check at the counter for Rudraprayag was again very straightforward. I had arranged for a cab from the village to pick me up. I had also taken an entry permission from the panchayat a week ago. I am now in quarantine for 2 weeks at the property. I can’t complain. The photos will tell you why. 🙂

10) There is again, a police and a doctor verification in Agastyamuni. You may be asked to produce all your docs again here.

I hope these help. I understand I was lucky to have a smooth entry into the state and reach my property just fine. Please be prepared for confusion and remember this situation is new for all of us and it is best to work as a team with the officials, instead of acting all self-entitled and impatient.

Good luck, and safe travels to all. 😊

Thank you Rajani for sharing this information, and do remember to support Cafe Buransh when you can travel safely.

Important Note: Do not go if you have the slightest sign of cough, cold, fever or sore throat. There is only basic medical help, and you do not want to infect the local population.

Check with your doctor before you go.

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