Good Morning

Mostly this is a transcript – I’m back on my walks and this time we are trying a new(ish) place. Let me just show that to you.

This is across the river from where we were yesterday. You can hear the roar of the freeway. I hope that’s not disturbing you ( if you are playing the video), but this is a new place we are walking in, a fresh path that holds the promise of new sights and sounds. Although its the same path, previously, we would finish our walk and turn off to the exit, but today we walked on to the part that we never walked on before.

There’s something to walking a little further on known paths, isn’t it? This is a continuation of the wetlands. And unlike the wetlands we were at that day, this one seems to have water in it. That’s pretty good. We are walking along here, and there are birds sliding along on the water and others singing in the trees.

I was reading an article from the health guru, Michael Mosley, that listed ten things good for your mental health and warding off dementia. So here’s my take on it, I give you the seven things I remembered during my live video!

trees by the river with the sun shining

1. Do Pushups

And guess what the first thing was? Do pushups in the morning. Seriously? Nah, I’m not doing pushups in the morning. It’s really bad for my mental health to do pushups in the morning. Can you see me flopping on the ground and then having to crawl up? very undignified – no this is not happening. But you can do it if. you like. Tell me how it goes.

2. Walk Every Day

But the other thing was to go for a walk every day. So I kept reading… Walking keeps your muscles moving, and it’s more natural than crazy gym workouts or running. Walking every day is a commitment, a pact with oneself for holistic wellness. Walking enhances both physical and mental health, a rhythmic activity that instills peace and balance in every step. I have a walking journal that I use occasionally. Here it is – if you would like to give it a try.

walking on a path in nature

3. Walk in Nature

And the second point (for me) was walk in nature.

I thought those were a bit redundant, but walk in nature, yes. This is why we don’t like to walk in the streets around our house. unless we must. One reason is that it’s mountainous. It’s like walking in the Himalayas. Ok, I’m exagerrating, slightly, But also there’s traffic, busy cars, houses.

Not very interesting when we live in such a gorgeous place that we can just step out and get beautiful places to walk in. Breathe in more oxygen and fresh air – very good for the brain that needs to write!

sleeping woman peace

4. Sleep

And then there were four things: sleep well, eat well.

Sleeping well is crucial for repairing the body and rejuvenating the mind, a silent healer that works its magic in the depth of night. A restful sleep is a foundation upon which the pillars of good health and vitality stand, reinforcing the body’s defenses and bolstering the spirit for the challenges and joys of life.

In the words of Shakespeare –

Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleave of care, the death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath, balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, chief nourisher in life’s feast.


5. Read Every.Single.Day

Read a book or read something.

On paper – not on screen. That was pretty good.

Reading not only empowers the mind but also nurtures the soul. It transports us to different worlds, provides fresh perspectives, and kindles the flames of knowledge and wisdom. A book is a friend that whispers tales of wonder, lessons of life, and stories of the world beyond, a companion in solitude and a guide in the journey of life. Or just good old plain entertainment and escape and that’s great for you!

I’m currently reading The Genius Life, that 

I would add that  say, write a book. And that is what I’m doing.

Get some sun

6. Get Some Sunlight

Get out in the sun to raise your dopamine. Get lost of sunshine, as much as is safe. But of late with all the noise about skin cancer – an entire swathe of humans are vitamin d deficient, and guess what that causes – depression and mental health problems! So get outside! I dont like to too much sunscreen

I think that’s a good point. I always think that I’m out in the sun a lot, but in reality, how much sun do we really get when we’re sitting inside?

I don’t really have sunscreen on. I’m not sure whether I want to put a whole lot of chemicals on my skin. If I go to the beach, I would do that. But for a walk, I think I want to get some vitamin D in. And really I have my own sunscreen protector. It’s called brown skin. I’ve got skin which doesn’t burn easily, fortunately.

I mean, it does burn if I’ll be out in the sun for too long, but not that badly. And benefits of sunshine are much, much better.

Soaking in the sunlight is more than just a sensory delight; it is a sweet embrace that kisses the skin with vitamin D and bathes the soul in a golden glow. It’s a natural elixir that heals, energizes, and uplifts, a radiant dance of light and life that fills the world with hues of hope and happiness.

women learning to dance

7. Do Something New

Ans the seventh thing to do to keep your brain sharp is to do something new, learn something new everyday.  Yeah, I’m always learning something new. I’m always on courses. Sometimes too many. I’m always doing stuff. My latest obsession is using AI to increase productivity. I find I can write better than any program, but all the other boring things- like sales pages, or social media, or marketing, Im happy to leave that to AI!

Recently I started learning to dance, Indian folk dance! It was amazing, and it was online!

What new thing can you do today??

A New Book Coming Soon!

In conclusion, walking and embracing the outdoors has allowed me to find inspiration, and physical wellness. The combination of nature’s beauty and the discipline of walking daily contribute positively to my mental and physical health.

I look forward to discovering more paths, learning new things, and staying healthy both mentally and physically. So, let’s keep walking, exploring, and enjoying the myriad benefits that come with it. Don’t forget to ask me about my book, and join me again on this beautiful journey of life and wellness. Until next time, happy walking!

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