A Walk in the Reverse Direction: Finding Inspiration and Koalas

Mostly transcript of the video above

Hey there, folks! Good morning! Today, let’s embark on another walk together. I’ve been doing these walks to get myself in shape for our upcoming Camino adventure in April. My goal is to complete a whopping 200 days of walking. So, join me as we take these gentle strides to get started.

Now, this walk is quite interesting. We’re exploring the same route we often take, but in the opposite direction. It’s amazing how a simple change in perspective can completely transform our outlook. You know what they say, sometimes you need to walk a mile in another’s shoes. And boy, does it ring true! This walk is perfect for those dealing with leg or foot injuries. The path along the river boasts gentle gradients and a smooth pavement. So, for all those who shall not be named, worry not! This stroll is tailor-made for you.

walking along paths

Looking for Koalas

While we wander, I’m always on the lookout for koalas. Apparently, there have been sightings in this park. However, I’ll have to avoid getting a crick in my neck by constantly gazing up at the trees. It’s all part of the excitement that kickstarts my day. After all, it’s a Saturday morning, and we’re diving headfirst into a glorious three-day weekend.

Apart from our walk, I’ve set aside some time today for my own writing. I’ve recently finished my book on the Camino Inverno, but now comes the daunting task of editing it. One technique I always recommend is reading your book out loud. It helps identify awkward areas and allows you to improve them. However, with the wonders of AI, we can now have our text read back to us effortlessly. No more cringing at the sound of our own voices!

Speaking of the weekend, what are your plans? Do share! As for me, I have my granddaughter here, and spending quality time with her is a top priority. We’re up to all sorts of adventures. It’s just the beginning of a reverse weekend, though. If only we could reverse it from Monday to Saturday. Ah, well, at least we can reverse our walk and enjoy a cup of tea or water afterward.

Hey, have a look at this secret path I stumbled upon! It looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Let’s take a little detour and explore. I’m always a bit wary of leafy paths during summer, as our slithery friends, the snakes, tend to lurk. But not here! How unfortunate, though, to see that the once vibrant wetland has dried up. It’s a bit worrying that this is happening so early in the season. It’s not even officially summer yet! But hey, guess what? As luck would have it, I’ve spotted a koala! Can you see it too? Look there, perched on that branch. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for this moment. Wow, it’s absolutely awesome! Let me stand here and soak it all in. On the reverse path, and on the untrodden path – is that a recipe for life ?


walking along paths

colouring pages image

Finding Koalas

After some minutes standing there, I continued on my walk, and wonder of wonders, on the second round, in a different part of the park, I saw a moving blob in the parklands down on the ground, and it was another koala. from its behavior, I thought it wa s baby, as it scurried along, stopping every now and then. And then it finally climbed up a tree.

But it’s the wrong tree…this tree away not a eucalyptus!

Still what a thrill for us.  Unfortunately, my granddaughter was not with us, but she was thrilled with the videos, and I created a couple of colouring pages for her. You’re welcome to share them with your munchkins, or colour in yourself.


A New Book Coming Soon!

In conclusion, walking and embracing the outdoors has allowed me to find inspiration, and physical wellness. The combination of nature’s beauty and the discipline of walking daily contribute positively to my mental and physical health.

I look forward to discovering more paths, learning new things, and staying healthy both mentally and physically. So, let’s keep walking, exploring, and enjoying the myriad benefits that come with it. Don’t forget to ask me about my book, and join me again on this beautiful journey of life and wellness. Until next time, happy walking!

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