view from a plane window

Just a few things I noticed from the plane

  • Taking off from Brissie at mid-day and swooping over the CBD, its over in a flash and heading inland, unlike domestic flights when the path is out over the sea. But cloud cover closed in quickly, and then there was little to see.
  • Landing at Singapore at dusk, it was still clear enough to see the waterways and ships in the Straits. Landing at Changi was smooth for a change!
  • Taking off at midnight, I was too sleepy, and had an aisle seat.
  • Landing at Heathrow at 5 am or so, London glittered and moved like a living thing across the landscape. In fact, it was a web of lights from the coast onwards, for all of the five minutes or so that we were over the land!
  • Taking off from Heathrow was pretty, its not so green as it used to be before – Englands green and pleasant land I mean! There are huge lakes or bunds all around, what are they? Im sure I saw something huge swimming in one of them? The flight followed the Thames down to the sea, and then over the Channel. The sea was calm, no heaving waves!
  • Europe unfolded like a giant map. I waved out to France on behalf of Corina..and saw the Balkans dusted with snow. The flight path display makes great navigators of us all!
  • And not to forget the movie – on the way to Singapore – I saw Australia, the movie. Peculiarly apt, over Australia, watching Australia. It was good, but better on the big screen!

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