Present Angst for Readers

What did you get for Christmas and the New Year? I got something I really wanted – a new e-reader from my sons. I wanted a Kindle White, a simple one, but my boys bought me Kobo AllinONethingamabob – but that was no good to me, as I am a KDP author and reader, so back we went to the store, and of course there were no e-readers at all – annoying for the little gift-wanting me, but excellent for the author Me..who is thrilled that people are reading again. Anyway I got a gift card and am biding my time. Poor fellows spent a lot more money on the Kobo reader, a lesson – usually Mum asks you for reasonably priced gifts!

In case you are worrying – don’t. I can read away like crazy on my ipad, but I like the light and non-distractability of an e-reader.

Win win win

But meanwhile, you can win win win – Win an e-reader, get my book, and get more books…read on or listen to the video! Here’s the transcript!

Welcome to the new year with a whole pile of inspirational books!
I’m so excited to tell you that my book is included in this inspirational book giveaway where you can win a prize pack of inspirational books plus an e-reader of your own.
Let me just take you through it to tell you how to find my book or buy other books.
So you can go into the competition to win an e-reader loaded with all the books which you want!
This is the screen so you enter your email and optionally, your name there and then whose author newsletter you would like to join. You can either select all if you want to get a whole lot of inspirational books. There are wonderful authors here and then of course down here is my book… because my name starts with s and that’s why I’m near the bottom of
the screen.
Then you select that and you select any of these and click “I want to win” button.
You will go into the contest with a chance to win and you will be added to the author’s newsletters. for example my newsletter. I don’t send too many newsletters that’s one of my one of my resolutions for this year is to connect better with my readers.
Here are all the books – discover the books!

The Camino Ingles is in the competition

Look at that – there’s The Camino Ingles and that is the book of mine – which is in this inspirational collection for 2021.
Let’s hope that we can all walk the camino or do what we want after all these lockdowns are
over. My book on the Camino Ingles has been updated last year. I actually updated it last year with information on what to do if you were walking in post-pandemic times including all the precautions you need to take. so at this time it’s a good time to read the Camino Ingles
and get ready for when you can walk safely.
There are heaps of books here there’s fiction, there’s religious, there’s all kinds of
self-help books.
These books are a collection of inspirational books to help you start 2021 all inspired and ready to go. That one is my book
and you can win it by entering the competition, you can win it and click the big blue”I want to win” button.

May the Odds …

May the odds be ever in your favour to win the e-reader!
Heck I want to win it! but no worries I’m not competing with you!

So head on over to the competition right now! And let me know if you have entered!
Win a Bundle of Inspirational Books to Kickstart 2021! – BookSweeps

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