Your next book

Brainstorm and Market Your Next Book

Once the publishing process is winding down, you want to remember to keep up the momentum. Start brainstorming your next book, whether it’s a standalone or the next in a series. 

After you have the idea, tease your readers with what’s to come. You might have graphics created for it that you can publish as a sneak peek, or even gift some of your readers with the first chapter as part of a contest. 

Set Yourself Up for Bestseller Status with a Pre-Order

As soon as you have a firm date in mind for your publishing, you can set up a pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere that accepts them. Pre-orders are imperative if you hope to make any bestseller lists. 

Because the day of the launch, all of those orders are counted toward your sales for the day, even if the people have been buying your pre-order for weeks. You just have to make sure you can meet the deadline, or else you’ll have a disaster on your hands. 

Self-publishing isn’t difficult. Anyone can publish as an indie author. You just need to implement the step-by-step process of creating your author brand and finished work, marketing it and planning for future sales. 

When you are ready to publish, you know you can contact me for help, and also be sure to come back and check out the 30-day series on self-publishing your own book!

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