establishing your author brand

An Idea and Outline for Your Book Today

Spend some time brainstorming. You can try just drawing out a mind-map but first you need a main idea for your book, and an outline that shows each chapter, and a bulleted list for each chapter.

A mind map

The more detailed your outline is, the easier it can be to achieve your word count each day. With fiction, some people prefer not to outline at all, but to fly by the seat of their pants instead, they’re called “pansters”. At the very least, you need the main concept ironed out so that you have a starting point.

A good place to start is why you are writing this book?, What problem are you solving for the reader?

Set Daily Word Count Goals and Start the Writing Process

Setting a word count is a good idea as it gives you motivation. You can join a challenge like so that every 30 minutes, work without distraction and then take a short break and chat about how many words they were able to crank out. You can do this on your own with a timer, or use the Pomodor technique. Get some idea of a schedule you’d like to publish to, such as every six weeks. To achieve that how many words do you need to write each day? If you are not sure how many words you’re capable of writing, spend a day writing and see how fast the process goes for you.

The only way to improve is to write everyday!

Check – did you set up your domain and establish your author brand as yet? If not, go back and do that now!

Be sure to come back for the next episode of the 30-day series on self-publishing your own book!

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