Think about ads

You need to let readers know about your book. Start learning how to do this early on in your career.

Think about Ads with Facebook

Another form of paid ads that you need to understand are Facebook ads. These are done based on your budget, even if you have a very limited amount to spend. But you don’t want to start running ads here until you know all of the rules. The last thing you want is to get approved and start running ads, only to see your account get shut down because you violated a rule. So learn those and study how to get the most out of your ad efforts on this social media giant.

Sample of Ads about Susan Jagannath books

Harness the power of Amazon AMS Ads

Readers are already in buying mode on Amazon, and checking out other books in your genre, so it makes sense to advertise to them at this time. Amazon has a paid ad service called  Amazon AMS ads. These are ads right on Amazon that will strategically place your book cover in front of a targeted audience. You want your book showing up for keywords and whenever someone is looking at a similar book.

Check – did you set up you read about BookBub ads as yet? If not, go back and do that now!

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