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What Dows a Wallum Froglets have to do with a new book?

Hi and good morning. Here we are, Keith and me, on a newish trail. We haven’t done this exact bit of the trail, but today we are also trying for ten kilometres. So this is the Wallum Froglet trail and we’re going to try and do a complete circuit of this little little patch of bush, which we found here. Okay, so I’ll let you see the track.

Let’s start.

We’ve already heard a cacophony of kookaburras. We’ve heard the whip of the lyre bird and the chittering of a lot of birds. 

“Lost your Bikes?”

We’ve done nearly four kilometres. And by the time we’ve finished it should be nearly 10km. There are a lot of cyclists on this trail. So we have been hopping on and off, teetering on the edge of precipices. We met some who asked us if we had lost our bikes.. a subtle hint that this track is for cyclists only? It’s not really, the signage is for walkers and cyclists.

But it’s a nice cool morning, but it’s kind of becoming humid suddenly. We actually got our rain gear. We’ve got the rain gear for our long hike next month. It’s a good time to check it out, not to buy extra stuff and just take what we have.

They are cyclists ahead and can possibly see them there resting. So they take these little trails and can hear them. So they have cyclists of all shapes and sizes here.

I might finish here and pick up later. We come in others. Here we are with another.

Are we on the right track?

Do we want to go to West mount Cotton or do we want to go to Wallum Froglet? I think we need to follow  Wallum Froglet  through a complete day.

Wallum Froglet

What I imagine a cute froglet looks like – no link to reality

Even though this is a narrow path, I can see from the tracks that they have been bikes on it.

Are we on the right track?

So that’s a question we get all the time on the track, huh? Okay, so we are having a bit of an issue here. Which is the correct Wallum Froglet track? Was it that one or this one?

That track just joined back on the road, I think so I didn’t take it. Yeah, so as you can see, you have to walk a bit carefully. But yeah, I was getting onto are we on the right track?

Frequently question we ask in the forest, but it’s also a question that we ask in life. If you ask if you’re writing a book, am I on the right track?

And it’s a good time now, in the last quarter of the year, to think of these questions and make course corrections so that you reach the right place by the end of the year and not just where you daughter to or make a course correction so that in 2023 you are on the right track.

Is this a dead end? No.

So I have to walk this without my trekking poles. But you can see I do have my trekking poles with me.

Was saying, Is this the right track? Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if it’s the right track. For us, today is a Saturday. Doesn’t matter. We don’t have a time crunch.

I do think it’s the right track. Yeah. It’s really close to us as well. So here we go.

It’s getting a bit rough.

And we are doing a bit of climbing, which we are quite happy to do, because the hike which we are doing next month has got a lot of hilly paths. Not too bad. Not as bad as the Himalayas, but quite a few hilly pots.

New Book

So this is a completely new trail, which we’re doing, and that’s like the completely new trail which I’m doing next month. I had done a couple of one of the other trails twice, but now this time we’re doing a completely new trail because obviously, I have to write a new book. Am I on the right track this year?

This year I’ve been on the right track in helping other people get to bestseller and write their books. So my coaching business has taken off.

But what it did was it stopped me writing my own books, because the amount of support which I had to give writers was just too much for me to write my own books. It wasn’t too much. I loved them. I’m so happy to see them go. Best seller.

But it kind of leaves me with little headspace. So these last three months, I’m only helping people to plan their books, not helping them to actually write and publish. That will be in January.

But you join me right now to plan your book!

Hi. So we have quite a steep path ahead, so I might stop this live. I’m also a bit out of breath. Yeah. So, yeah, I tried to get Darling online, but she couldn’t.

But that’s fine. So here we are.

Rain Gear

Here’s Keith, who is also known as my Sherpa because he’s carrying the water and the rain gear. Yeah, we got the rain gear. And guess what?

It’s not raining, is it? But that’s not the way it is for a book or a track. If you do the steps, you will reach the end. So I will finish up now. So steep trail ahead and I want to have a look at it.

But, yeah, do, like, share love, comment on this live and come back tomorrow.


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