Watch what you wish for! I’m primed for adventure – in fact the spirit of adventure is spilling out of  in ..and poured right into my checked in luggage! That decided to go to Tasmania rather than join us on our Mel-Singapore flight! So here we are with only our backpacks-which fortunately has a change of clothes and most of my electronics.

After a crazy day of four flights and two changes in Melbourne and Singapore – where we perfected the art of racing through airports to get to the next terminal in record breaking sprints, we arrived in Bangalore, to the sad sight of an empty carousel, or a baggage carousel empty of our carefully packed,reweighed and repacked luggage!

The airline- Qantas – JetAir codeshare promised to deliver it tomorrow to where we are staying in Bangalore tomorrow.

Not a great issue –  I’ve heard of positive attitudes being infectious – but that love for adventure is meant for you – not my luggage.

Whats the lesson? Take less stuff? travel light – or at least travel light-heartedly!

Thanks for being part of my Himalayan journey. 

Join me! as I get on with writing my book!

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