An update on August

The end of August means a few things – typically, its the last month that you can pretend that the year has not rushed past in unseemly haste, leaving you scrambling to catch up, breathless in indignation that you didn’t really know that time was passing so swiftly. Now, you really must take stock of what you can realistically achieve before the end of the year. But before that, I’ve been thinking of a change of format for this blog that I’m not convinced anyone reads at all. Convince me and you will get a surprise gift in the mail!


This month I have been fascinated with drone photographs of awesome places, like the video above of Angel Falls in Venezuela, which is why I shared it. Enjoy it and have a few minutes of meditation, just looking and not thinking. There is no secret message in the video – I just wanted to share it with you!


In August, we celebrated two things, the second trekkaversary of our trek to the Valley of Flowers ( the subject of my last book), and the fifth anniversary of my very first book, The Camino Ingles. There is always something special about your first bestseller. Have you begun yours yet? – there is still time!

Progress ( at a snail’s pace)

I have two books in progress, one is as yet unnamed historical fiction that sweeps from South India to Spain. It is full of angst, battles and romance, of course. Problems? I have no research on what women wore in Pre- Islamic India, and I cannot figure out how horses were imported from Arabia. These are sort of necessary for background flavour, just as I cannot give my heroine a cell phone, I can’t put her side-saddle on a horse either. DO you have any ideas of how and where to research this?

Dancer fleeing

And the other one is about Creativity and Chakras – which one would you like me to finish first? If you notice both these are taking me back to my heritage, not in the sense of regression, but rather in the sense of a firm foundation.

lotus design

So August is over – but you have time still to start on a new book – either to read one, or to join me in writing your own bestseller.


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