The Camino Reopens to Vaccinated Pilgrims from Specified Countries

I take any opportunity to celebrate the Camino. More and more news as Spain opens up cautiously – so even though I cannot personally walk, I have updated the additional material in The Camino Ingles: Six Days to Santiago with information that peregrinos need to walk a changed Camino. You can find all the additional content for la nueva normalidad right here on the blog, or you can buy the book.

Learn some new Spanish Words

Learning some simple Spanish can be the best way to prepare for your camino and will allow you to connect more to the experience. To do this, my friend Maria Seco has provided my readers with an additional worksheet of words that you never thought you would need to know. Pandemia is kind of obvious but do you know your Toque de queda from your Cierre perimetral? Not knowing these could result in a hefty Multa. 

In other news

The lockdowns are easing in India, and people are beginning to think of hiking in the Indian Himalayas again. However be aware that Uttarakhand requires a negative RT-PCR test, and you would be well served by checking government websites. Again, these have all been updated in the additional material for my book, The Valley of Flowers

I also uploaded some travel content from long long ago – almost my first ever blog posts – about my travel to Israel. Take a look, but be kind. This is really long ago, and not tidied up! You will also find a very unflattering picture of me ;). As I said, do be kind!


Personal Stuff

Meanwhile in Australia, where we are still living a pretty marvellous free life, except that we can’t travel outside Australia, I am increasing my fitness with longish walks in the bush because it is winter and wonderfully cool – look at this picture of misty countryside from my deck.Winter scene

I’m also helping others to write their own books, or at least to break the mindset that separates readers from authors – all it needs is a coach who cares and knows – just like walking and hiking, it can get tiring, but you just keep going and you will get there, like Drew did this week, with his health book Acid Reflux hitting Number One bestseller in a health category on Amazon.

bestseller - Drew

If you would like that result, and even are vaguely thinking of writing a book, do get in touch with me, or come to my 90 minute workshop – 100Days 100Pages Bestseller. We generally learn a lot, and have a great time too! It is usually a half day workshop, but this time, its only 90 minutes that can change your mindset about how easy it is to become an author. Go ahead and click the button to register!


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