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Nameless in Emails

Recently, ok, just now, I transferred all my email subscribers over to Send Fox, as it promises better deliverability, and I have crossed the magic threshold of 1000 subscribers, and now the autoresponder wants to hit me with ridiculous charges. Honestly, I’d rather post Valentine day cards to you, its a better use of money. Note: If you like, send me your snail mail address, or the address of someone who would like a Valentine Days card and I will send them one. Pinky Promise. And it can be a Biz address or PO Box – if you think I will be turning up at your doorstep!

But I digress,,

A big welcome to all the new subscribers who joined my newsletter via the e-reader giveaway, I hope that one of you won the ereader, and are happily ensconced reading the wonderful selection of books. Never fear, my newsletters are short and unspammy, and alas, can be erratic. Do let me know if you want me to email more frequently.

How to read more books

For Christmas, I got two of my favourite authors, the latest books ( in paperback) from Lee Child and Bernard Cornwell. Yes, I admit it, I love a good thriller. What books did you get? You may remember that I got a new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas as well. So my reading cup is full, I have on it a hefty selection of non-fiction, sci-fi, thrillers and historical fiction. A lot of them are from my author friends, because, well, they write well.Back to resolutions – more walking, less grumbling about lack of travel, and more gratitude. Also it’s Valentines this month – and what better gift can there be than a book?

It keeps you away from Doom Scrolling and Bridgerton.

I’d love to hear back from you, and do tell me what books you are reading, and what trails you are walking this month, if only in your imagination. As for me, I have just finished recording the videos for my first online course, more on that later. 


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