30 Days Series on Self Publishing

30 Day Series on the Secrets of Self-Publishing

When many people think of publishing, they automatically think in terms of traditional publishing – with agents and manuscript approval – a long process that ultimately isn’t very lucrative for most authors, rather than self-publishing. And today, its very difficult to get a traditional deal if you are a new author. For a long time there was vanity publishing where you paid to have your book printed and you then took the book around to bookstores to market it, and then came the internet, and self publishing, which really was the game-changer for authors.

Thankfully, the publishing industry has been disrupted by the internet, and the availability of platforms where you can publish your own books at no upfront cost (unless you want to spend money on certain elements) and use your new book to earn money and build a brand for yourself. Whether you want to write non-fiction books or embark on a career as a fiction author in one of the many genres that readers love to read, this is a process where it helps to know what you need to have before you rush into self-publishing, in fact before you write a single word, spend this month with me and we will unpack the  entire self-publishing journey for you.

It’s like a map! A treasure map.

I’m posting every alternate day, so that you have the additional day to implement or learn more. Remember, take action to turn the information into knowledge.

Here’s a list of the first few topics

Be sure to come back for the next episode!

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