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The Right Genre for your Book

Genre refers to the type of book that you are writing. There are many genres out there, but some of the most basic ones include: fiction and non-fiction. A genre is a category or class of things that have something in common. Genres are often used in literature to classify books by their general content or topic.

The right genre for your publishing journey can make it easier to reach your readers. There are many genres of books and each one is best suited for a different type of reader. To know the what type of book to publish, focus on 

  • who you’re writing for and 
  • what they want 

And based on that, pick a topic or genre, and then take quick look on what is on the current bestseller list. Is there a market for the genre today? 

Books in a genre typically are distinguished by the

  • content
  • style and
  • intended audience. 

A genre decision helps you to narrow down your options and decide what kind of writing style you’re going for. For example,  in fiction, you could choose  the genres like science fiction, horror, or romance. If you’re interested in writing nonfiction, there are many different topics that are popular such as business, leadership, parenting, and even gardening. Once you’ve picked a genre,  find books in that genre: libraries, bookstores, online retailers like Amazon, and publisher websites.

A genre allows a reader to recognise the type of art or storytelling in your book. It is a category that tells you what the content is about and what it will generally be like. So, a reader who is looking for romance, will not pick a horror book, and vice versa.

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