Join me for a two-day immersion experience and walk away with everything you need to go from no idea to your own business bestseller blueprint for 2021.
On December 29th and 30th we will work together in six sessions across the two days to get your business bestseller blueprint done and dusted and ready.
I’m going to give you everything of how you can do it someone actually challenged me on this so I’m going to show you that you can actually do your complete business bestseller blueprint in two days and I’ll  tell you a secret I actually write my books in the full two days but that would be 24 hours –  we’re going to be together for about six sessions of one hour each.
In between you’ll go away and do the work and come back with your bestseller canvas done.  I’ll give you give you everything which you need to write a business bestseller in 2021 because the  world has completely changed.
Everything old is gone. You cannot use the same ideas which you were using last year or in 2019. This is a fresh two-day live immersion experience we’re going to work together,  we’re going to co- create your book and my book and everyone’s book. You have two options one is the free option where you can join and just bring a blank notebook walk away with your business best seller blueprint or be a VIP for $99 fee and get the tools and templates, and recordings.
I’m as excited over this as a child waiting for Christmas!

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