Its about 9.30 pm Singapore time, but 11.30 AEST, so Im a bit weary. Especially as my phone ran out receiving a call from home…and I cant figure out how to recharge it from here.

The chill of a northern hemisphere set in high over Australia and South East Asia, the plane was freezing, and I had to yank out my spare t-shirt from the overhead locker. Much to the annoyance of the person sitting underneath – and he remained sullen and unpleasant throughout, what a loser.  Its the start of the journey and he’s already so grumpy.

on the bright side, I had 2 spare seats next to me, so I spread out and had a snooze. After that it was on to LonelyPlanet. I notice that for a travel book it is extraordinarily light on suggesting routes – its very good on telling you how to get to Jerusalem, but not very good on how to get from site to site.

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