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From my last blog post

“I also uploaded some travel content from long long ago – almost my first ever blog posts – about my travel to Israel. Take a look, but be kind. This is really long ago, and not tidied up! You will also find a very unflattering picture of me ;). As I said, do be kind!”

Sparking Creativity

Be alert for the spark of creativity. The last post sparked a poem from one of my ex-colleagues and long time friends from Bangalore. Ashok and I had a long-ago sparring partnership in Verifone Bangalore, where he was a software tester, and I was a raw technical writer battling with the vagaries of documenting credit card “swipes”, without ever having had a credit care or seen a Verifone card swiper. In fact, “swiping” meant something quite different in the post-colonial English that was the de facto lingua franca of Bangalore, but that’s another story altogether.

In his poem, Ash transmutes the photo of me at Manger Square, before the entrance to the Church of the Nativity, to a deep dive into a Himalayan cave and an encounter with the divine, except, that this encounter is a distinctly non-Christian paradise. Or is it really? Is the picture and poem blasphemous, or uniting us to a deeper truth, that in our diverse religious faiths, deep down we are all seeking the One?

“God created everything so that it might exist. The creative forces at work in the cosmos are life-giving. There is no destructive poison in them.”  Wisdom 1:13-15

Tell me what you think. While my photo sparked a blog post, it sparked a poem in Ash. Anything can spark creativity, and the more different they are, the better. 

If Ash, a software tester, can write poetry, you can too – write – if not poems, but certainly content of other kind, from blogs to books, it’s all creativity ultimately that gives us joy.

100Days 100Pages Bestseller

I’m also helping others to write their own books, or at least to break the mindset that separates readers from authors – all it needs is a coach who cares and knows – just like walking and hiking, it can get tiring, but you just keep going and you will get there, like Drew Niemeyer did, with his health book Acid Reflux hitting Number One bestseller in a health category on Amazon. Wait for it – he is now hard at work at bringing out the paperback version of his book.

If you would like that result, and even are vaguely thinking of writing a book, do get in touch with me, or come to my 90 minute workshop – 100Days 100Pages Bestseller. We generally learn a lot, and have a great time too! It is usually a half day workshop, but this time, its only 90 minutes that can change your mindset about how easy it is to become an author. Go ahead and click the button to register for the 5th of July.


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