Tonight I decided to stop skulking about in the hotel in the evening, and go out and about in the big smoke, Tel Aviv. Well, I did, but it was really quiet, walked all along the sea front, but there was nothing much happening. I did admire all the trendy and glitzy buildings, as well as the beach, and the foreshore with parks, fitness parks, gazebos and cobblestones.

Half the fitness freaks were out, jogging, cycling or exercising. One poor little dog had had enough, and the owner was carrying it across her shoulder, while trying to wheel her bike. There were also two Muslim women in full headgear and robes on the exercise equipment in the park.

And yes, of course, there was a group of about 6 Indian guys walking along talking loudly in Marathi.

Jaffa was brightly lit in the distance, but it was too far to walk to. After all that seafront walking, maybe tomorrow I wont go for a walk in the early morning!

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