Interesting “facts” that I picked up on my travels

Taxidriver (who likes Goa): Jesus was half Jewish
Me -huh?
Taxidriver: Oh and half Christian.

Guide in Jerusalem: It was the Romans who crucified Jesus. Please don’t blame us.
(Ok, no one’s blaming you mate!)

Guide in Nazareth: Protestants don’t like to enter the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Guide: All the drinking water in Israel comes from the Sea of Galilee.
Sydneysider: So the Sea of Galilee is also called the Dead Sea?
Guide – Stunned Mullet Impersonation

Guide: Jesus had to leave Nazareth as the people weren’t fashionable enough.

Sydneysider: I’m semi-christian
Me: new Protestant sect?
(hey, I really didn’t hear right!!!)

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