3 Day Bootcamp

Being a multiple times bestselling author and coach does NOT excuse you from learning and having your own coaches for business, marketing and yes, book craft.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on my favourite free and other tools for authors. In that, I linked readers to an awesome website builder that is not 10K, 5k, 1k or even $100. Yes, you know me, I really don’t like to spend a lot of money on flashy things, but a website that looks good and you can manage is an investment and helps with your author branding. But no way I’m going to spend 10K on one!

After posting that blog, I got more news about a 3 day bootcamp that helps you set up your course. ( Of course it’s free – by now, you should know me!). It says “course”, but I have used this same bootcamp to kick myself into action over a new book, a workshop, a virtual event, and yes , a course.

No Hassle website

Let me share the background, this year, my coaching business has really taken off, with 7 bestselling authors so far – now I’m at the stage where I have to ask clients to wait..and that’s not good. Also, not everyone can afford one on one coaching, even though I have a 100% completion AND bestseller rate. It’s one on one coaching with almost everything done for the would be writer, all they have to do is write the book! And follow my instructions of course. The one to one, is I admit, greatly fulfilling when I see clients hit bestseller like clock work, whether they are a 13 year old writing LITRPG, or a CEO teaching women to be build teams and be true leaders and everyone in between.

The problem is there is also only one of me, and only 24 hours in the day, so I can’t scale, and one of my other coaches, suggested that I go to a one-to-many model, offering more courses to would be authors, rather than only doing small workshops and exclusive one to one. So I looked around and saw that Neta’s bootcamp is nearly here, and this time, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever, with the bonuses and services. One of my favorite women in the online entrepreneurship world, Neta Talmor from No Hassle Website, is running her signature FREE 3-Day Course Strategy Bootcamp again in a few days and I have a secret – I often use her strategies not only for courses, but for workshops and even my books! This time I am doing the Bootcamp myself to create my complete online bestseller course, so that I can help more authors write their books. This will also allow me to take some time off to travel again, walk another camino and attend a school reunion in India. So I need you to come and join me while I do the bootcamp, and create your own course/book too, and let’s keep each other accountable!

This is how it works, you sign up and are invited to join a private Facebook group. Every day from the 8th to the 10th June ( or 9th to 11th June for Aussies), there’s one lesson, with templates, instructions, tools and. yes, homework! If you can’t make the time, it is recorded. It’s not just lessons, the community inside the group is so supportive and helpful too. So we share our work, ask for help if needed, and actually get the work done!

You will FINALLY turn your own idea into reality by planning the entire strategy, content, tech and platform behind it in 3 short days! Neta knows how to explain things clearly, keep you motivated and get actual results

By the end of the Bootcamp you will:

🏆 CHOOSE the type, topic & audience of your online course or book

🏆 PLAN the entire content of your course (you don’t want to miss this one!) or book

🏆 MAKE people take action and complete your course or book

🏆 MASTER the tech behind creating videos and presentations for your course or book

🏆 PICK OUT the best fitting platform (for your tech level and budget) to host your online course or camp

Oh, and did I mention it’s 100% FREE?

For more details and to sign up, click here

See you in the Bootcamp!

P.S.The Bootcamp is 100% free and you don’t need to buy anything to fully benefit from the awesomeness that Neta offers, but if you end up buying No Hassle Membership & Course Platform at the end of the 3-Day Bootcamp, YOU will receive an extra bonus worth $47, and I may earn a commission if you use my affiliate link in this email.

If you join the bootcamp using my link, and end up grabbing any of Neta’s awesome offers you will be first to get my new book or course for free – and if you join my launch team, you will also get your name in my book in the acknowledgments section.

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