Of Caminos, Trees and Bots and finding the light in them all today.

What the Bot!

For me to keep in touch and spend less time marketing and more time writing, I tried to find a Virtual Assistant. Alas I was unsuccessful in hiring a VA, so I’m experimenting with the next best thing, a messenger ‘Bot. I would be so grateful if you would give it a bit of a workout, and let me know what you think.

Try the Bot!

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Go ahead and try it an let me know how it goes. That Bot is getting cheeky and thinks she’s better than me!  Is she? Tell me!

On the home front

I’ll let you into a secret this week,  I get really grumpy and depressed when I cannot walk or saunter in forests or nature reserves. And hasn’t been possible, because we have had the tree loppers in to remove a few dangerous dead trees, and a couple of trees that were threatening to fall onto our roof. As Australia  heads into stormy summer PLUS the risk of bushfires, we had to finally bite that bitter bullet. But fear not, I have kept a corner untouched, and there are still a lot of trees on our block for the birds, possums and as yet unsighted koalas.

Camino Updates

The news from Spain is not good, the Camino is increasingly difficult to walk as more and more areas lock down, so if you are on the Camino, maybe it’s time to head home, and if you were thinking of walking, maybe it’s time to stay home. Our friends who actually live in Santiago advise that it’s not a good time to walk. There are pilgrims still walking, but many of them are Spanish, so will be able to cope better then pilgrims on fixed budgets and little Spanish.

However, soon after I saw a post saying “Don’t Walk”, I saw another post about all the ancient paths to the Camino Ingles, from Durham to Denmark, and photos of paths and portals where pilgrims left for the Camino for hundreds of years. In a way that is comforting, the Camino has outlasted the centuries, it will outlast this time.


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