If your granny can do it, so can you!

It’s not about the fitness of the girl, it’s about the size of the fight in the girl!

You don’t need to have a six pack to walk the Camino, neither do you need to spend a lot of money on personal trainers if you are doing Everest base camp.

Let’s take these four mistakes and blow them to bits!

  1. Allowing your current level of fitness determine your dream! One thing you can do to sabotage your dream is to base your future on your present! Nooooo…Dream Big and go for it. Do check with your doctor first and see what you can do medically!
  2. Injuring yourself with over- exercising. Dream big and train hard, but don’t injure yourself.The amazing thing about the human body is how quickly it responds to activity and good eating. Start by cutting out the bad habits, substitute your early morning lazing about and pottering in the garden with a quick walk around the block. That is enough to start off with.
  3. Aiming for uber-fitness. The secret here is to get just fit enough. Just get fit enough-Take one step at a time – choose wisely according to your level. Don’t choose Everest if you can barely totter out of the supermarket. If you have a full year and are ready to train hard, of course, go for Everest.
  4. Doing it alone. Harness the power of the pack! Find a partner, or a group of people who are set on achieving the same goal, and you will find yourself borne along on a huge wave that pushes you along when you are tired and fed-up and questioning yourself.  Join a meetup to meet real people, or join a Facebook group or forum to talk to people. You’re welcome to join!

    Last year two brothers blew up the internet when one pushed the other 800 kms on the Frances. What was amazing was that by the time they reached Santiago, it wasn’t just the two brothers, it was a band of pilgrim brothers and sisters pushing them into the Cathedral square. Watch this video and see if you can stop the tears!

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