Surviving the horrors of Heathrow included me sitting down and writing a long rant – in a cafe, only to discover that there was no free internet access.

Well, I would avoid it like the plague, the access to Terminal 4 is so bad, that you’ll be lucky if anyone dropping you off there ever speaks to you again. I suspect that they will move house and not give you their address! The guilt load is too much, and exacerbated by really poor and misleading signage. For example, once off the Motorway, there are lots of signs telling you where the cargo bays and catering bays are – would be nice if they told passengers where Arrival and Departures are.  Stoopid. Obviously they think that one instance of Set Down and Short term parking resonate deeply with my innermost soul, talk about poor user interfaces.

It’s what happens when the writers get so wrapped up with the airport, and stop thinking of the passengers. A lesson for us all.

Fortunately the drive into Heathrow was hugely entertaining, with place names like Wookey Hole (where’s Chewbacca?), Hook and others…strange exotic countryside!

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