A six-book series for historical fiction requires a lot of planning. It’s not just writing that goes into creating a bestseller. So here’s how I started. and quite frankly, I was stunned..

This is a case study which I’m doing for people who join the 60 Minute Business Challenge by Bushra during which you can get a whole lot of business tools to work with. But because most people in my network and who follow my work are actually readers and authors, we will work through this amazing case study where I’m going to share how I have used AI to set up the entire backdrop for a historical fiction epic series, which I am currently writing.

6-book series

My Approach To Writing A 6-Book Series For Historical Fiction

Here is how AI expands your creativity. Initially, I planned to write one book, and I knew I had to write six books to get some purchases on my sales. But I couldn’t do that at supersonic speeds. And so I went to AI. And here I asked it to set the scene for a series and set up an epic saga for me. So now we have six books, the titles may not be very wonderful like;
The rise of the Vijay Nagara empire
Empire’s expansion
Cultural renaissance, but it’s a trigger for my brain.

six book series<br />

But the important thing is, we’ve got some ideas happening for the six books.

And it’s given me some ideas for each of the books and the protagonist. I’ve told it who the protagonist has to be, and yes, I’ve also gone into graphics and created some for the background. Because that’s where you want your brain, for your creativity to explore with a bit of brainstorming and a bit of ingenuity. So it’s not just brainstorming ideas, it’s also getting emotions, getting into the feel of it. When you’re an author, that’s what you need, you just don’t want dry stuff.

For instance, I asked for a title and it’s gave me the suggestion for a series titled Empires of Destiny. It may not be wonderful, but I want to try it.

Further, after I asked for the blurb for the series, it said, Discover the spellbinding saga of Empires of Destiny. More importantly, it used the keywords, which I would have normally taken. me hours to find, even with the current software I have. So what are you waiting for?

Why You Should Join me to write a 6-Book Series For Historical Fiction

Be part of this series and join me as I take you through how to use AI as an author to enhance your creativity. Just like in Bushra’s Business in a Box, you use all her software to enhance your creativity for a business and your productivity of a business. And that’s what I’m suggesting. So if you are an author and you’ve come through me, go and buy that business in a box, have a look at it and see if you need it. Because I definitely use it.

Because writing a book is a business. And what you’re going to do with AI now and with an author is, I’m going to write the book you want to read and which I want to read.

Because I love historical fiction. But there is no historical fiction set in India in times which I wanted with strong women who look like me. So that is what the magic of writing is. And with writing, we can enhance this creativity now with AI. So be sure to check the link which I’m prepping down below.

And as soon as you buy that, just send me the receipt and I will put you in for a case study with this, and you can create your same series or book with me.

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