The Camino Ingles has changed! There is argument about whether for the better or the worse – but what matters is that you won’t get lost if you follow the markers. A big thank you to readers who have contacted me with details and maps of the changes.

The Way markers are brand new and excellent

I have updated my book, The Camino Ingles: 6 days (or less) to Santiago. You can grab Edition 2 from Amazon in either ebook or print book. The new route is documented there!

Goodbye Julia!

Casa Julia Camino Ingles

Bar Julia is no longer the landmark it used to be. The new route now has another cafe bar, the Bar Avelina at As Travesas.  The new path is beautiful and is uphill all the way, but not as steep as the path from Bar Julia to Vizono.

Goodbye to Casa Bar Julia!

The path now turns off from Leiro and veers north of Bar Julia and Vizono, until it reaches the main road at As Travesas. The Bar Avelina, about 8 kms from Leiro is the new watering hole on the route from Betanzos to Bruma. Follow the markers and you won’t go wrong!

Let me know if you have walked the new route, and whether you like it or not.

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