The Camino Ingles: 6 days (or less) to Santiago was both my first camino and my very first bestseller. But the learnings continue – it needs to be updated regularly, and so I have actually gone back to Spain and walked it again, after the authorities re-routed the path for some obscure reasons. Then there was the covid update, with an emphasis on keeping safe during covid and tracking what was happening to the Camino, and now  this month the book is due for an update again – in less than a week’s time, the sixth edition of 6 days to Santiago will be published, and this time, I’m doing things a bit differently. In fact, I’m doing the Six-Step System to keep my book fresh.

Six-Step System

  1. Sound – gone are the sounds of silence, I launching an audio version of the book, mainly for the sight impaired. I have a sister who has only 4% vision, and has to have books read to her, so even if I don’t sell a single audio book, it’s ok, my big sister will get to hear it. It may be an audiobook, or it may be a podcast. Either way, you will be the first to know.
  2. Sales Page – The Amazon sales page is getting a complete refresh, I’m rewriting the description and adding more of the reviews that so many readers have given the book. The description of the book is such an important part of the book, and it tells readers what they will get from the book, not what the book is about. This time, I am adding the Amazon A+ features that allow a self-published author like me to add more “From the Publisher” kind of material.
  3. Series – Yes, its going to be a sort of series. I am creating a couple of companion books to go along with this book – but more on that later. Those will come out in the next couple of months.
  4. Street Team – This time, even for the re-launch, I have a street team who are supporting me in my launch, an awesome bunch, and they get their names at the back of the book!
  5. Supplements – I’m adding Spanish vocabulary supplements to the book bonuses, so that you can have a comprehensive though succinct book. Always add something to differentiate your book!
  6. Significance – And naturally, I’m launching it on the the last week of July, which is the Feast of St James (Santiago). Launch around a significant date.

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