Quick Covers and Easy Blurbs

Quick Covers and Easy Blurbs

Outsource the Cover for Your Book to a Pro

Yes, People DO judge a book by its cover. Whenever someone is on Amazon and enters a genre, like cozy mystery book, they’ll see a search results page filled with your competition. If your book like a do it yourself project, while the others look professional, they’re not even going to click through on the image to see what your book is about. So while your content might be spectacular, if the cover is lacking, don’t expect to see success.

Book cover artists who work with indie authors have great skill at taking ordinary stock images and creating something amazing out of them, so don’t be afraid to work with someone who has a good profile you admire.

Here are my covers – all done by a professional, as I have no idea about how to create a cover!

3D images of SJ Books

Write a Blurb That Tempts People to Buy

Your blurb is a more detailed, polished account of your book than the brainstorming session you engaged in when mapping out an idea for your book. If you’ve ever been to a bookstore and picked up a book and read the back of it, you’ve seen a blurb. These blurbs should be enough to give the reader a hint about what the book is about, without spoiling the read for them.

Some indie authors make the mistake of ruining the book by giving too many details out in their blurb. If you don’t know how to write one, go read blurbs for bestselling books in your genre. You can also outsource the blurb creation process to a professional if you feel like you’re not skilled at it.

Check – did you set up your domain and establish your author brand as yet? If not, go back and do that now!

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