Why I write

Making a difference

The reason I write is to make a difference in someone’s life, for example, my first book is meant to help pilgrims who are walking the Camino Ingles, a lesser and shorter way to Santiago de Compostela. When I walked it back in 2016, we went in cold, and with a very brief guide, that turned out to be incorrect in almost every stage. That made me write my book, and then, indeed update the book regularly. Including, yesterday, when I added a new one pager to the bonuses that readers can get from the book. More on that later.

Re-reading the paragraph, it sounds all stuffy and self-righteous to my very acute BS detector radar. But here’s the thing, because it sounds like that, doesn’t mean it is. Any non-fiction book is written only to solve a problem, reveal a mystery, or create a new way of life. Which brings me to the proof that what I said, is not sanctimonious poppycock, but really true.

The joy of connection

There was I, this rainy Saturday morning, prowling about on my computer instead of striding about on my weekend hike, and it appeared in a Facebook feed in response to a comment I had made on the wisdom of carrying a sleeping bag on the Camino. BOOM – there it was! A pilgrim had carried my book along and it had helped him – just last week. If there is anything magic in the world, it is a book. Yes, I was happy that Alex liked the book and found it helpful. Yet, what was more joyful, was the connection we made – two pilgrims on the same trail though parted by time and geography, yet one in heart. A heart for the Camino.

Susan Jagannath TCI Review

Books Keep Giving

A book is an asset that keeps on giving, not only to the readers but also to its author. It is a long game. A book will pay you royalties all your life, and possibly all your children’s life, and even your grandchildren life. Copyright is now 80 years from the death of the author. What else gives so much in return, over such a long period. And today, with indie publishing there are no barriers at all – except those of writing a quality book – that can then be converted to a video, a blog, a podcast, and who knows what else in the future.

I already am seeing ads for video books – books converted to video format for the non-readers among us. So there you go, the audience grows too.

Good News for Travel

United Jet on the ground

Travel took a huge hit in the pandemic, but borders are opening up ( except Australia) where they are closing, A huge indicator is that airlines are putting in orders for planes, As per The Hustle, “United Airlines’ latest move is to buy 200 Boeing 737 MAX jets and 70 Airbus SE A321neos, a deal valued at $30B+ before discounts, per The Wall Street Journal.” In the same edition of the newsletter, we learn that DuoLingo, the language app is heading for a billion dollar public listing. That’s all very well, but I did find my Camiga Maria Seco’s Spanish for the Camino a much more helpful Camino specific Spanish learning resource. Check it out!


100Days 100Pages Bestseller

I’m also helping others to write their own books, or at least to break the mindset that separates readers from authors – all it needs is a coach who cares and knows – just like walking and hiking, it can get tiring, but you just keep going and you will get there, like Drew Niemeyer did, with his health book Acid Reflux hitting Number One bestseller in a health category on Amazon. Wait for it – he is now hard at work at bringing out the paperback version of his book.

If you would like that result, and even are vaguely thinking of writing a book, do get in touch with me, or come to my 90 minute workshop – 100Days 100Pages Bestseller. We generally learn a lot, and have a great time too! It is usually a half day workshop, but this time, its only 90 minutes that can change your mindset about how easy it is to become an author. Go ahead and click the button to register for the 5th of July at these times

  • 4 pm Brisbane
  • 8 am Madrid
  • 7 am London
  • 11:30 am New Delhi
  • 11.00 pm San Francisco (4th July)

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