“La Nueva Normalidad” is the “new normal” in Spain, in the aftermath of the tragic toll of the COVID pandemic, the Government of Spain has cautiously reopened Spain in stages, from complete lockdown, to free movement of people within Spain, from the 21st of June, and 1st July for most people from outside Spain, provided those countries have a perceptible level of control of the pandemic.

The New Normal also affects the way we walk the Camino, as pilgrims, hikers, and responsible humans of the one earth. While I know we are all excited upon the possibility of walking this year, stay safe, and at all times, follow your own Government’s advice on travel. I walked the Camino Ingles last year, and in 2016, and it is a quiet route, with limited resources, so please be aware of that.

Are Pilgrims welcome?

  • The reports are that people are waiting eagerly for the return of the pilgrims (peregrinos y peregrinas)
  • Respect the new rules and so not touch anyone – this means namastes, waves and happy smiles in lieu of hugs, kisses and handshakes.


  • Call ahead to check which albergues are open
  • Book ahead always, pay with card (tarjeta)
  • Call just before arrival to let them know you are arriving in the next hour or so
  • Use the disinfecting mats (alfombras desinfectantes) and disinfectant gel (gel hidroalcohólico) at the entrance.

In the albergue/hotel

  • Carry your own sleeping bag and liner
  • Make your bed up yourself with the provided disposable sheet (sábanas desechables) and pillowcase
  • Place your backpack and boots in the designated area
  • Keep your documents handy so that you can minimise time at the counter
  • Wear your mask (la mascarilla) in public areas
  • Maintain 1.5m distance in all areas
  • Use the disinfectant gel (gel desinfectante) provided
  • Wipe down switches, handles, taps or just wear gloves
  • Use the plastic bags (bolsas de plástico) for your backpacks or boots
  • Use only the lower bunk bed

On the Way

  • Put on a mask (la mascarilla) before entering public places like shops (tiendas)
  • Carry your own water, as fuentes may be closed
  • Observe social distancing in cafes
  • Use the disinfectant gel (gel desinfectante) provided
  • Carry some food with you just in case

The Official Site – Please check before you go.

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