Why is my next book like the Yeti – because it’s set in the Himalayas, and so far, it hasn’t been sighted by too many people – but you will be the first to know! Because you are part of my 30-day challenge to create this book and adventure live and transparent!

In training for the Himalayas, and in preparation for my next book!

Transcript: I’m showing you a bit of some live action climbing today rather than just me sitting around and talking that we are going to the Himalayas. We’re doing some climbing so here we are just around the corner from where we live in a forest and we are looking for all the steep tracks.
Where we’ve just come up from is vertiginously steep and now we’re going to turn around and climb back down and then up to the main track.

We’re getting ready for the Himalayas and here I am training for it. We’re trying to do a bit of climbing today as the trek is just three or four weeks away so it’s vital that we start climbing some slopes and be ready. I thought instead of just talking I would share this little clip as we actually climb up the
We’re just right here the in a little ravine and we’ll be turning around and climbing back up so I will turn around now and flip it around so you can see the track. Look at that.
There are a few steep tracks like this, what we do is we actually jog down them because they are so steep that if you try going down them walking you’ll probably slip. So we did jog down but of course we’re sure as heck not jogging up.
We’re going to just walk up there as there are lots of dangerously protruding tree roots threatening to trip us up as the birds carol overhead.I don’t think the video shows how steep the slope is.
Excuse my panting and puffing. Yes! I’ve reached the top and can feel the hamstrings and the legs pulling! Turning around here – because I’m going to go down and clamber up again.
That’s the part we just walked up. It sounds as if I’m really unfit but I’m not. This forest is so beautiful, and despite the distant hum of the city, you can still hear the birds.
This was just a quick snapshot to show you some actual action because what I’m doing now is I’m also in the run-up to write my book. I haven’t done the Himalayan adventure yet but the book is already in planning and by joining me onall these Facebook lives and following me on the on the challenges you will be part of my book creation adventure.
Thanks for watching!

Go have an adventure but now I’m going back down that mountain and back up again.

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