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I thought I would post a blog about how we could all get together to help fight the COVID catastrophe in India. I have donated myself multiple times, and I know that so many of you want to help too but don’t know how to. I found out that my friend and business bestie, Seema had had COVID, along with her entire family, and being the awesome soul that she is, she has come with with a win-win for everyone, so I decided to share her story and her initiative, and you can all join in.

This is Seema’s story

I’m sharing my Covid Journey PLUS how you can help support thousands of people who are currently at the mercy of an ineffective Government and an overwhelmed medical system here in India Listen to my story on Anchor or Spotify (you can listen to the full episode in one go or listen in parts):

Read my story on Medium:



Here’s how you can help:

For the next 3 days, I’ve made everything in my shop pay what you want; which means that you can get any of these products at a fraction of the cost – here’s how to take advantage of this offer.

Head over to either Khalsa Aid or Hemkunt Foundation and make a donation of at least $25 USD (or the equivalent in your currency).

Send me a copy of your receipt/screenshot of payment at and I’ll send over a special code for 100% off any product in my shop plus instructions on how to redeem your gift.

My goal is to raise at least $3000 over the next 3 days so I hope you will be part of this effort with me.

Some important information and questions you might have:

Do I have to donate $25 only?

Absolutely not – the minimum donation is $25 USD but you are free to donate as much as you can! The more people we can help the better 🙂

I can’t donate through these links:

I got you – you can use or send me an email at with the amount you want to donate and I’ll send you a PayPal link instead.

Why do you want us to donate directly?

A few reasons:

  • So that these charities get 100% of your funds with nothing lost to PayPal and foriegn currency transactions.
  • So you can be sure that your money is going to the right place.
  • So you can claim any tax exemptions you might be eligible for.

Why aren’t you donating directly?

My husband and I have already donated close to $2000 directly to Hemkunt Foundation and to some people that we know – we will continue to donate from our personal funds as we are able. Going through this journey has taught me that it really does take a village to make a miracle happen and that’s why I wanted to reach out to and involve my Global Village so that we can all make a difference together.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey to make a difference,

Please feel free to reply with any questions you might have.

Together we can!

P.S. Whether you choose to donate or not, please take a minute to forward or share this email with your friends and family – we may be drops in the ocean but together we can make a decent sized splash.


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