It’s LIVE – The sixth edition of my very first book!
Amazon managed to squeeze in my Camino book update at the last minute of the feast day…
My book is updated to 2022. Usually, I dont have much trouble updating the book. In fact in the run up I’ve been sharing my six-step system to relaunch.
I regularly update the book, as its a guidebook cum memoir, so while I dont change my memories, I do keep abreast of changes on the Camino and Santiago. And sometimes, readers tell me what they want to see in he book, or what has changed.
And this time I’ve tried new things, such as AI Audio, and A+ pages for my sales page.

What I Did

I began this process about 6 weeks ago, and the actual updates went fine, with all my friends on and off the Camino confirming that there were no huge changes.
I checked every link and web page mentioned in the book, and needed to update a LOT of them.
I thought about changing the cover, but in the end, I merely added a “2022” flash to the cover, and I suspect that this was the reason the Amazon KDP bots got their knickers in a knot.

The Problems

I started the process on Wednesday, 20th, as a test case. Usually I have time to do a couple of uploads in five days.
KDP immediately told me that there was a problem with the paperback cover ( that I had NOT touched).
After a bit of emailing to and from and missed calls ( they said I didnt pick up, I never got a call), I used the previewer and saw the “Error”. It wanted the cover bleed to be fixed. shrug. I fixed it and boom, it went through. So the print book was updated and on Amazon from Saturday.
But of course I couldn’t promote it until the ebook updated. I emailed at 9 pm at my night and those emails seemed to get responses quickly. After 5 attempts, I got the KDP mail and apology, that the ebook was uploaded.
That’s all behind me – usually I get in and start editing again! But this time,  I may hold off a bit. The ‘Zon bots seem to be on the rampage!

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