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Bored and stuck in a rut, and confused about how to break free? Be puzzled no more!

How about a do-able adventure that you can do in just 6 days even if you are as unfit as a cookie on a hot cafe latte?

The route for the Camino Ingles has changed! But my book has you covered, it’s completely updated for changes in 2017


This guide for the Camino Ingles reveals how easy it is to walk the Camino without fighting the crowds for a bed or blasting your blisters on a 500 mile slog. The Camino Ingles is a walk in Spain that is a genuine pilgrimage. It will take you only 6 days. Yes!!

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It’s the ultimate #camino hack.



But what IS it?


The Camino Ingles is a genuine medieval pilgrim trail that is over a thousand years old. Pretty authentic enough! The scallop shell is the symbol of the Camino de Santiago. Wearing it marks you as a pilgrim, and has done so for over a thousand years.

Are you looking for your first Camino, or your next camino (yes, we know who you are camino tragics!), try the Ingles. With all the camino infrastructure, and none of the crowds, the Camino Ingles will fill your heart with it’s quiet beauty and peace – no crowds of pilgrims, just the green heart of Galicia.

With rural landscapes, small villages and genuine medieval towns, drink your fill of an adventure that is doable, and quick to do. Did you know… [ctt template=”11″ link=”8WBoy” via=”yes” ]86% of pilgrims say they wish they had known about the Camino Ingles before cancelling their plans for the much longer Camino Frances.[/ctt]

The Camino Ingles is so called because it was the route pilgrims from England and Northern Europe used to get to Santiago in medieval times.

Why Santiago? Santiago de Compostela is the third most important pilgrimage route in Christianity, after Rome and Jerusalem. It was encouraged after the Muslim conquest of the Holy Lands closed the roads to Jerusalem.

It was actively encouraged by the kingdom of Asturias, the last Christian kingdom in Spain, possibly to get support from other Christian kingdoms, to push back the Moors.

It is also called the Way of St. James, as the remains of the Apostle James are believed to be buried in the crypt in the Catedral de Santiago. Read More.

Let’s make this EASY.

Camino Ingles

The Ultimate Guide to the Camino Ingles


This guide is everything that I have been able to find about the Camino Ingles, and other caminos..because after walking one camino, you will find yourself irresistibly drawn to walk again …and again.


Why Walk the Camino Ingles?

Where does Camino Ingles start and end?

How to plan the Camino Ingles

Why is the Camino de Santiago so popular?

Is Camino de Santiago a pilgrimage?

Why walk the Camino Ingles

Chapter 1: Why Walk the Camino Ingles


Why walk at all?


There are many reasons to walk – mine was to have an adventure in the shortest time! Yes, I’m lazy like that – I prefer to say I’m just practical! I had heard of the Camino Frances, and seen the Martin Sheen movie, The Way. But year after year, I didn’t have the time to do the 800 km of the Frances.

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Ultimate Guide Camino Ingles





Chapter 2: Where does the Camino Ingles start and end ..and all that’s in between?


The Camino Ingles starts from both A Coruna or Ferrol, previously only the route from Ferrol would earn you the Compostela.

Newsflash! It is now possible to walk the first 30 kms of the Camino Ingles in your home country and continue the walk from A Coruna to Santiago and be eligible for the Compostela. Provided you get your credencial or pilgrim passport stamped!

Decisions! The route from Ferrol is the more beautiful, but the city of Coruna is more historic and authentic!

How to get to Ferrol in Spain

Getting to Ferrol can be a puzzle, but you can get there by

  • Flying into Coruna and then taking a train or bus to Ferrol
  • Flying into Santiago and taking a bus to Ferrol

Be aware that detours and re-routing may be in place, follow the yellow arrows and granite markers to make sure you are on the Camino. There is talk around the interwebs that the steepest parts of the Camino Ingles are being rerouted to make it easier.

[ctt template=”11″ link=”1zD4r” via=”yes” ]There is talk around the interwebs that the steepest parts of the #Camino Ingles are being rerouted to make it easier.[/ctt]

Camino Ingles Route Map

Click for a Google Map created by a pilgrim, Sean Hampton!


Ultimate Guide Camino Ingles


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[ctt template=”11″ link=”gzlr5″ via=”yes” ]Everything you always wanted to know about the Camino Ingles – plus more.[/ctt]

Quick Reference to the towns along the Camino Ingles Stages:
  • Ferrol
  • Neda – Naron – Fene
  • Pontedeume – Cabanas
  • Mino
  • Betanzos
  • Presedo
  • Bruma – Meson do Vento
  • Sigueiro


Ultimate Guide Camino Ingles

Chapter 3: How to plan the Camino Ingles (or any walk)


One of the keys to a successful Camino is good planning. In this section you will find all the information you need. Of course, you can choose not to plan as well!

[ctt template=”3″ link=”Ud45x” via=”yes” ]Previously only the Ferrol route #Camino Ingles would earn you the #Compostela but that’s changing – read on![/ctt]

Camino Ingles Packing List Suggestions

I kept things simple.  But it’s good to see what others have to say.

Making sure you pack correctly – even though less is better, there are some things that you must carry to have a successful time. And some things that you shouldn’t bother with.


Ultimate Female Packing List for the Camino de Santiago



Camino Ingles


I particularly like the mylar blanket (yes, I have one in my backpack) and a whistle.


Camino Ingles - Planning


Camino Ingles

[ctt template=”3″ link=”ibg6O” via=”yes” ]”A minimum budget on the Camino for somebody eating cheaply and staying in albergues would be around €20 – €25 per day.”[/ctt]

Chapter 4: Why is the Camino de Santiago so popular?


The Way of St. James has had its ups and downs in history. It was a very popular way from the 10-13th centuries, before its decline. It also fell off due to the Protestant Reformation in Europe when Catholics were persecuted by various Protestant dispensations in England and Europe.

In the twentieth century it experienced a revival that drew in people of all religions or no religion at all. This has been mirrored by the revival of long distance walks, or through hiking in many other regions.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”2fQuv” via=”yes” ]In the twentieth century the Camino experienced a revival that drew in people of all religions or no religion at all.[/ctt]

From here is the best snapshot I have found of all the caminos, and in fact it has the most accurate of all the distances for the Camino Ingles! It will also give you some Spanish practice!

Camino de Santiago: rutas y consejos



Credencial Compostela



By Alonso de Mendoza [CC BY-SA 4.0 (],
via Wikimedia Commons

Chapter 5: Why is Camino de Santiago a pilgrimage?


It was and still is a way of walking to the tomb of Santiago, or St James the Apostle of Spain. There are many modalities of disconnecting from the world, and reconnecting with yourself, or something greater than yourself. 

This was the path of forgiveness and redemption to pray at the Catedral de Santiago, after having walked there from your home..but…


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Camino Ingles Albergues

One of the features of a pilgrimage is the access to cheap pilgrim accommodation. Albergues are available in :

There is no albergue in Sigueiro, but there are private albergues and well priced hostals. All recorded in my book!

Don’t be afraid to try another camino – be original! You can continue to the ends of the earth – Finisterra.


Dream the Camino Ingles



In my search for resources, I also found some inspirational stories.

You can also pick up my book The Camino Ingles: 6 days to Santiago from Amazon, either as an ebook or a printed copy.

It has everything you need to know to walk the Camino Ingles.

You reached the end of the post! If you would like a printable copy of this post click below!


Camino Ingles

I hope you feel empowered and enabled to walk.

Buen Camino!

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